Carpet cleaning is a must if you have pets at home. Regular vacuuming is not enough to keep carpets free of pet dander, fur, and other allergens. However, there are a few things you need to consider before using any carpet cleaning method on your carpets.

Since carpet cleaning is an essential part of pet ownership, pet owners often look for the safest and most effective way to clean their carpets. The good news is that it can be safe for your pets with the right products and methods!

Is Carpet Cleaning Toxic?

If you consider cleaning your carpet professionally, the thought of the chemicals used may be worrying. Luckily, there has been a great deal of progress and innovation in cleaning products. It’s safe to guarantee that most dependable carpet cleaners use eco-friendly, non-toxic and plant-based cleaning products.

According to ASPCA, thanks to modern advancements and improvements, these cleansing agents work more effectively than ever without any risk to safety or health. Still, it is important to highlight that many products can be harmful and potentially toxic for your pet. Thus, you should take the time to research about the services they provide beforehand to ensure they are using safe, eco-friendly products, since most of companies will not disclosure the list of products they are using for cleaning.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is a Must for Pet Owners?

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If you have a pet, professional carpet cleaning is essential. Regular vacuuming is insufficient to keep your carpets free from fur, dander, and other pet-related allergens. Here is a list of reasons why you should hire a professional carpet cleaning company:

Pet Odors

For pet owners, potty-training animals can be a difficult and tiresome task. As creatures new to the environment of their forever homes, they have yet to identify familiar smells that could lead them back outside when nature calls. 

This often results in messes all over carpets or furniture, leaving stains and an unpleasant smell, both of which are hard to remove on your own. To guarantee a clean carpet free from any lingering odors, it is wise for pet owners to hire professional cleaners who specialize in removing such stubborn marks.

Pet Hair

Pet hair is a pervasive problem that can settle in any nook or cranny. Pet fur can be especially intrusive if you struggle with allergies or other sensitivities to dust. Vacuums are the best tool for removing the majority of this hair from carpets; however, additional methods may help reduce the amount of fur accumulation in your home.

Pet’s Overall Health

It’s common for pets, particularly dogs, to track mud and other substances inside carpets with their paws. If it rains outside, this can rapidly turn your home into a muddy mess! But this is not only unsightly – it’s also hazardous for your pet’s well-being. 

Maintaining a clean carpet will go a long way toward keeping them healthy; after all, a clean space equals better health for your beloved companion. If you’re looking for an even deeper cleaning experience, many carpet-cleaning companies now offer upholstery treatments too!

The Best Ways to Clean Carpets With Pets

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It’s important to note that when it comes to pet carpet cleaning, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. This will depend largely on the type of carpets you have and the dirt your pet accumulates. The best option for pet owners is to hire a professional carpet cleaner who can provide an effective, but you can also consider the following:

Vacuuming Regularly

Pet owners should vacuum and clean their carpets as often as possible, preferably once a week. This will help prevent the accumulation of pet hair and other debris that can be difficult to remove.

Spot Cleaning

A way to remove any stain or patch in your carpet caused by pet urine or vomit. It would be best to use a mild detergent solution to clean the stained area and vacuum it up afterward. But is not recommended for a client treating urine on their own! Since it is needed to have equipment that is strong enough to remove all the liquid. Cleaning it on your own can cause the stain to become worse forcing it into the backing and the padding, leading this to cause mold.

Professional Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners will have the experience and knowledge to find and eliminate any deep-seated dirt or odors in your carpet and any hidden allergens. Their specialized equipment and cleaning products can also be much more effective than what you would use at home.

Premium Carpet Care in Monroe WA

If you are a pet owner, keeping your carpets clean and free of any dirt or allergens that may pose a risk to you and your family is important. Regular vacuuming is essential, but hiring professional carpet cleaners can go much further in keeping your home looking fresh and new. Look for companies specializing in pet carpet cleaning, such as Green Steam Carpet Cleaners.

At Green Steam Carpet Cleaners, our experienced professionals provide top-notch carpet services, and we offer three different packages for you to choose the cleaning method that fits your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!