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3 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If you’re the manager of a commercial property then you already know you have a lot on your plate. There’s simply so much to do! You need to keep your products in stock, handle staff scheduling, pay vendors, calculate the budget, consider marketing, talk to customers, and much more. With all of this going on every day, it’s difficult to remember the things around the building itself that need to be done. You should know it’s important to keep your office space, restaurant, movie theater, hotel, store, or any other commercial building looking clean and well cared for. This includes the floor. Every day that you are open, dozens or more people walk through the building, leaving a trail of dirty footprints, stains, germs, and a worn out carpet. Coffee and soda spills are just the beginning of what’s stuck on your carpet! Yet, proper carpet care can be complicated.

Clearly, you need to clean your floors. But, how?

Treat spills and stains immediately

We know you’re busy and there’s a lot you should be doing other than running for a towel, but it’s very important you do not just leave any type of spill to sit and stain until the next deep clean. Take a few minutes to train your staff how to correctly treat carpet stains on the spot. You may even want to keep a jar of vinegar, baking soda, or ammonia handy in the closet to make sure spills are treated as soon as they occur.

Vacuum Daily

Every evening before closing, one of the final tasks should be to vacuum the floors. This daily vacuuming will prevent old dirt from being stomped into your carpet the next morning. Spending just a few minutes doing this makes it easier to perform deep cleans and you’ll be better able to preserve your carpets in the long run.

Perform Regular Deep Cleans

Depending on how dirty your carpets get over time, you’ll want a professional deep cleaning done every six months to once a year. A professional cleaning service uses proper equipment and has the training to do the job much better than you and your staff. Choose a carpet cleaning company who uses a method known as hot-water extraction to rid your carpets of dirt, not one that uses harsh chemicals. This green carpet cleaning method ensures your building is a healthy environment for everyone.

Regularly cleaning your commercial carpets has a positive effect on productivity, health, and attitude. A clean and presentable environment is also vital for being perceived as a great company. The first thing guests notice when they step into a commercial building is the cleanliness, and first impressions are everything- no matter if you’re an office, a grocery store, a deli, or any other type of company. Green Steam Carpet Cleaning can provide you these benefits by doing the commercial carpet cleaning for you! Kirkland, WA area businesses can count on us for carpet cleaning, so you can focus on the tasks you need to do.

What We Offer:

  1. Maintain your carpet’s rich color and texture
  2. Provide a great first impression with employees, customers and guest
  3. Promote a well cared for carpet appearance
  4. Reduce wear, especially in high traffic areas
  5. Extend the life of your carpet investment

Contact us today at (206) 819-2722 and book a Kirkland, WA commercial carpet cleaning. We’ll even provide you with a free estimate!

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