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Is Your Dirty Carpet Damaging Your Health?

When was the last time your floors got a serious, deep-down clean? Your carpet being dirty is not just bad for the way your home looks, it is bad for your health as well! This is true for two reasons:

Dirty carpets cause respiratory issues

Dirty carpets and rugs are ideal habitats for small organisms, molds, human skin cells, dirt, and pet hair. They collect all of these nasty materials over time and disperse them into the air whenever someone walks on the carpet and disturbs them. It creates an environment that is more than just gross. Inhaling all of this can cause serious problems, everything from sneezing to asthma attacks. If your carpet stays dirty long enough to grow mold, the health effects can be much worse.

Dust mites grow in an uncleaned carpet or rug

You will begin to notice ill effects if your dirty carpet or rug attracts a dust mite infestation. Up to 2,000 dust mites can live in only one ounce of carpet dust! Due to the fact that they’re so small they are invisible to the naked eye, you would not even know you have them. Though they don’t cause allergies on their own, they leave waste behind that can easily be inhaled to cause discomfort to anyone unlucky enough to breathe it in.

This doesn’t even go into bacteria and germs left behind on any unclean surface, including carpet. If you’re in the Kirkland, WA area, you have nothing to worry about because you can call upon Green Steam Carpet Cleaners! We don’t just clean your carpets, we “green” clean them! Chemical ingredients in common carpet cleaning products too often contain toxins that can make you and your family sick. Illnesses resulting from these toxins can be as mild as a headache or as severe as cancer. That’s why we never use them! We’ll get your carpet clean, doing away with allergins, dirt, and grime, without sacrificing your long term health to do it.

To learn more about green carpet cleaning in Kirkland, WA that won’t have health effects for you and your family, reach out to Green Steam Carpet Cleaners today. We can be reached by calling 206-819-2722. When you tell us a little about your home, we’ll even provide you with a free carpet cleaning estimate!

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