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The 7 Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Tools

You have carpets, and you want them cleaned. This much you know. The only question is- how? Sure, regularly vacuuming is ideal but to get a deep down clean you need other tools beyond this on occasion.

To clean your home’s carpets, you will need:

#1 Vacuum

#2 Rubber gloves

#4 Carpet shampoo

#5 Pre-spray to treat heavy traffic areas before steaming

#6 Rented steamer with the necessary accessories: brushes, hoses, shampoo tank

#7 Defoamer

If you have a stain that needs addressing right away, collect everything on this list and give it a go. To tackle the stain, choose a treatment method that works best on the stain and for your type of carpet. Before you start, be sure you read all manufacturer and machine instructions and thoroughly vacuum the carpets. Spot-test the carpet cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area, like inside a closet, to make sure you’re not doing it incorrectly or it won’t ruin the color. Keep in mind you may want to open the windows or turn on a fan to expedite the carpet-drying process since you don’t have professional drying equipment. Make sure the carpet dries within 24 hours of cleaning to prevent mold and mildew growth, which will leave you with a whole host of other issues to worry about!

This DIY home cleaning can save you money at first, but keep in mind that the do-it-yourself approach will definitely not have the high cleaning power of professional cleaning tools. You can also rent a carpet cleaning system from a local home improvement center or grocery store to deodorize and sanitize your carpets. Most rental centers will allow you to rent by hour or opt for a full-day rental. With this option, you will also be responsible for purchasing all cleaning supplies, plus the cost of cleaning solutions like pre-spray, shampoo, defoamer, odor removers, and more. Clearly, rental machines can quickly become pricey. This isn’t even addressing the fact that you could spend money and time trying to clean your own carpets and see little in the way of positive results. 

Remember, the best tool for your home may not be the same tool that someone else needs. Your carpet may be suffering from a serious case of deep-down stains from kids spilling juice, while someone else has pets that urinate and get hair on theirs. Every lifestyle is different, and so every carpet has unique cleaning needs.

Of course, you can always hire a Kirkland, WA professional carpet cleaner who will maintain the aesthetics and cleanliness of your house. At Green Steam Carpet Cleaners, we are absolutely sure that our team will clean your carpets to the best of their abilities, thanks to years of experience, knowledge, and access to the industry’s best cleaning tools.

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