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3 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Your home is the biggest investment in your life, and that includes the floors. You certainly don’t want to be putting down new carpets more often than you should have to. You want your floors to last as long as possible and look as good as possible for all of those years. This much is pretty obvious. The real question becomes- how?

After all, this is still your floor. You’re going to walk all over it! Beyond that, it’s going to get drinks spilled on it, pets peeing on it, mud tracked all over it, furniture dragged across it, and more. Is it even possible to care for it in a way that keeps it looking good for years to come? Yes! It is! By following a few helpful tips from experts, your carpets will look good as long as you’d like them to:

#1 Make your best effort to keep dirt off the carpet. Dirt causes a lot of damage to the carpet. We know, we know- this feels impossible! And in a sense, it is impossible to keep all of the dirt off the floors. You can keep most of it off, though. Dirt grates against the yarn, making scratches in the fibers and taking away the luster. Dirt trapped into the carpet eventually makes its way to the carpet backing and scrapes away the fibers, wearing them out. High-traffic areas will look dull and faded compared to the rest of the carpet. It recommended to take your shoes off when entering your home, as to leave the dirt outside. When you remove your shoes, the carpets won’t get nearly as dirty.

#2 Vacuum on a frequent basis. A large part of the soil in your carpet is dry and can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming regularly will help diminish the accumulation of dirt and gravel that are harsh to your carpet fibers. It is recommended to vacuum as often as two to four times a week. Frequent vacuuming will inhibit the accumulation of dirt and dust into the carpet backing, as long as you are using a good vacuum with the right settings that will really suck the soil from the carpet and avoid dirt build up.

#3 Bring in professionals. There’s only so much you can do on your own! Most carpet requires professional cleaning every one or two years. Think of it as periodic maintenance, like getting the oil changed in your car. This type of periodic maintenance is important to make things last longer, including your carpets.

Remember, this isn’t just about how your carpet looks. A dirty carpet can have thousands of dust mites living within it, and pounds of soil can accumulate underneath it every year. It can also contain several indoor contaminations and promote the growth of mold. This may cause allergies, particularly in children. Because it can be a health hazard, it is important to keep your carpets deep down clean.

Home and business owners in the Kirkland, WA area have nothing to worry about with their carpets. That is because you have Green Steam Carpet Cleaners at your disposal! We offer not only professional carpet cleaning services, but we do these services in a way that is eco-friendly and healthy. After all, you, your family, and your pets are going to live in this home and breathe in this air long after our cleaning services are finished! That is why we take performing “green” cleaning so seriously. For more information on how our trained technicians can keep your carpets looking better, for longer, reach out to us at (206) 819-2722. We handle both residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Kirkland, WA and the surrounding area. Don’t worry about the life of your carpet ever again!

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