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What Are Those Black Streaks On My Carpet?

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It’s hard to feel like your home is truly clean if your carpet is not. That makes it so frustrating to look down and see odd black streaks on the carpet at the edges. What are they? And perhaps more importantly, how can you get rid of them?

Understanding Black Streaks On the Carpet

“I have black streaks on my carpet! Help!” This is something we hear from time to time. Does this sound familiar to you? More than likely, they’re around the very edge of the floors. 

What causes black, sooty edges around carpets? Thankfully, in most cases it’s not mold or water.  One of the main culprits of black lines on your carpeting is likely caused from filtration soiling. This is a process in which the air that moves through the gaps between your floors and walls carries nasty soot and other dirt particles. Your carpeted floors act as a sort of filter and actually attracts this dirt. This has to do with the HVAC system and how the forced air comes into the room at a higher speed than it can leave. Instead of trapped air leaving through the ventilation system, it will try to leave the room between cracks along carpet and baseboards, leaving the lines you are noticing.

Getting Rid of Filtration Soiling

Because there is no carpet padding at baseboard edges, dirty air can more easily push through those areas. The air leaves behind lines of black carbon stain. Now that you know what black streaks on the carpet means, the only thing left to do is get rid of them.

Do you regularly use candles and incense? If so, you should know that candles are the biggest culprits for causing black lines around the edges of the room! There is more you can do to help prevent black lines. For one, you need to dust baseboards more regularly and vacuum carpet edges with a vacuum cleaner equipped with an edger attachment. You’ll also want to replace your HVAC’s air filter on a monthly basis for a while, instead of the three-month cycle that is recommended for the average home. As well, you may want to consider caulking around floor trim. Doing this using a clear silicone caulk is a fantastic way to minimize the drafts you’re experiencing now.

Trust Green Steam Carpet Cleaners With the Task

Green Steam Carpet Cleaners is the cleaning team you’ve been looking for. We’re here to make sure you love the way your carpet looks and feels. As well, we truly care about your health. This is why we will not only help you combat these black streaks on the carpet, but do so in a way that is healthier for you, your family, your pets, and anyone who visits your home.

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