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Why Fall is the Ideal Season to Have Your Carpets Cleaned

Summer has come and gone and 2020 is on its way out. We’re well into the fall season, and you’ve probably already started your holiday preparations. While carpet cleaning may be the last thing on your mind this time of year, it shouldn’t be. In fact, there are several reasons that this time of the year is ideal to hire a team for professional carpet cleaning. Make carpet cleaning a part of your fall routine! 

#1 This is the perfect weather for quick dry times

You love the weather right now, and so does your carpet! Because we are no longer battling the summer heat and humidity, you can open up your windows, let some fresh air in, and allow your carpets to dry. This faster drying means a decreased risk of mold and mildew growth. Your carpets will dry in just hours, not days!

#2 Clean carpets improve your home’s indoor air quality 

It’s cool right now and only going to get colder. During fall and winter, your family is guaranteed to spend more time indoors. This is even more true this year, when we’re all following “safer at home” guidelines. You love watching holiday movies and baking your favorite pies, but all of this time at home has a downside, too. More time inside means more time breathing indoor air. Your carpets fill up with bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants that are then released into the air you breathe. That makes these months the riskier ones for indoor air quality. But the good news is that a professional carpet cleaning reduces and eliminates these risks. You can breathe easier knowing your home is a safer place to be thanks to Green Steam Carpet Cleaning because we don’t use any harsh chemicals to get the clean you need. 

#3 Protect your carpet from spills and extra foot traffic 

The Holiday Season means more guests in your home, walking around. More big meals and more people also means a greater risk of spills and stains. Does cleaning the carpets now protect them in the future? Actually, yes! When you opt for our Stain Guard Fiber Protection, we offer a 12 month carpet “Spot and Spill” limited warranty to the areas protected. We offer the first TRULY GREEN protector! This adds stain resist properties to your carpet so traffic lanes stay cleaner, longer. It means you can remove spots and stains easier to clean-up for many months to come. Vacuuming is easier and efficient! Your floors will be resistance to soil, thereby extending the life of your carpet.

#4 Professional cleaning makes your home look its best for guests 

Professional carpet cleaning can help make sure your home looks its best in time for your loved ones to arrive. Make a good impression with help from Green Steam Carpet Cleaning! They’ll say “Wow! Did you just get new carpet put down?”

Now is the time to call Green Steam Carpet Cleaning and have your floors done!

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