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How Often Should Carpets Be Professionally Cleaned?

how often should carpets be cleaned

Any room in your house feels warm when you have a carpet there. Everyone in your home, including your family, visitors, neighbors, and pets, enjoys it. Given how much traffic there is in your house, how long will your carpet remain clean? 

The life of your carpet depends on the maintenance you provide. You want your carpet to appear its best since it contributes significantly to the comfort of your house. Do professional carpet cleaners remove stains, and how frequently should carpets be professionally deep cleaned? By investing in a professional carpet cleaning every 6-18 months, you can not only eliminate potential allergens and dirt from your carpets, but also ensure the longevity of them. The investment made now will undoubtedly save you money long term! 

Your carpet will last longer and look wonderful if you keep your home clean. Learn about the various causes of unclean carpets and get cleaning advice on how often you should  professionally clean your carpets.

Are There Any Factors That Affect How Frequently You Should Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

Kids and Carpets

kid on carpet

Carpets are an excellent flooring choice for a playroom or living room because it is soft and safer if a child falls on them.

But if they aren’t kept clean, carpets can harbor bacteria. A child’s health may be at risk due to this exposure. If you have a young child or newborn, their hands frequently touch the carpet. Children can play on the carpet safely if it is kept clean.

Children are sometimes prone to mistakes or spills. If you have children, you’ve probably dealt with fruit juice spills on the carpet or muddy footprints being brought inside. Your carpet may get stains, and it’s important to understand how to treat them. You should professionally clean your carpets every 3-4 months.

Pets and Carpets

pet on carpet

Although your animal pet provides you with so much joy, it can also bring dirt, stains, and hair. How frequently you should vacuum or clean your carpets depends in large part on whether you have pets.

Most pet owners know the cleaning adjustments they must make after a pet enters the house. Numerous animals groom, and you can find their hair on your carpet and furniture. To get rid of pet hair and allergens, pet owners should frequently vacuum their carpets. You can find some useful tips on removing pet stains and odors from your carpet with the Humane Society. Every three to four months, have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Allergies and Carpets

allergies and carpets

Carpet fibers serve as filters, eventually capturing most airborne allergens and dust particles. These allergen-causing particles may accumulate in the carpet fibers over the course of several months. 

These specks will re-enter the atmosphere anytime someone walks across the carpet if they are allowed to accumulate. To return to a healthy living environment, these allergens can only be eliminated by thoroughly cleaning. Additionally, periodic cleanings are frequently required to help reduce repeated problems if allergies are chronic. For bad allergies, consider bringing in a professional every three months.

Smoke and Carpets

smoke and carpets

Depending on the amount of smoke exposure, you should consider having your flooring professionally cleaned every 3-6 months if smokers frequently come into touch with your carpets. 

This is because when carpets are walked on, poisonous cigarette particles can be discharged back into the air, forcing both smokers and non-smokers to breathe them in. These dangerous elements can be removed from carpets’ deep fibers by performing routine deep cleanings.

Carpet Coloring

carpet coloring

While these carpets can liven up a space, they also reveal stains. While more cleaning is required, the filth is not hidden where it can accumulate. As a result, you should be meticulous when cleaning white or light-colored carpets. 

This implies that you should vacuum them at least twice a week and  professionally clean them once every six months. If you notice dinginess, them more frequently.

Here is a table summarizing the time spawn you should consider:

Household FactorsCleaning Frequency
Children3 – 4 months
Pets3 – 4 months
Family with Allergies2 – 3 months
Smokers3 – 6 months
Light colored6 months

What Is the Average Life of a Carpet?

A carpet should last ten years on a general average. However, it might start to show signs of wear sooner if it is utilized in heavy foot traffic places like stairwells and doorways.

The longest-lasting carpets are often those composed of wool or nylon. Although polyester and polypropylene carpets are typically less expensive, they rarely survive as long as carpets are made of stronger materials. Using the right carpet underlay will help increase the lifespan of your carpet.

Inexpensive carpets made for apartments will normally last one to five years. A carpet of medium quality will survive for five to fifteen years. The best carpet available will typically last between 15 and 25 years.

Premium Carpet Care

Although carpets are essential to your house, they require routine maintenance. There are several advantages to having your carpet professionally cleaned, from getting rid of ugly stains to lowering allergens.

At Green Steam Carpet Cleaners, we provide a wide range of services in the residential and commercial sectors as Monroe, WA leading carpet cleaning business. With the help of our carpet cleaning services, your home or place of business will always be spotless. Three different carpet cleaning service packages are available. Our customers can select the deep cleaning procedure that best suits their needs from a 7- to the 10-step approach. Contact us today!

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