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How to Train Your Dog Not to Pee on Carpet

Your carpets are a big investment. Not only are carpets costly to replace, but they go a long way toward the look and feel of your home. If your carpets are stained, dirty, and smelly, the value of your home goes down. On the other hand, if your carpets are fresh and clean, your entire house feels newer and better to be in. We want you to be able to enjoy your investment as long as possible. 

This may seem impossible if you have a dog living inside your home, but it is not! Prevention is the goal when it comes to training your pet. Dogs often like to urinate in the same spot over and over. Ideally, you want to make sure your dog doesn’t designate a spot on your carpet as his or her favorite pee pee area. With a few simple training tips, you’ll be able to avoid dog urine on your carpet:

#1 Keep a consistent schedule. If you’re training a puppy, know that this little one will need to potty a lot. Common times a dog needs to go outside are after waking up in the morning, after drinking and eating, and before bed. Come up with a schedule when you think the puppy will need to go outside and take him or her out too often, instead of too little.

#2 Crate train him or her at night. Dogs don’t like to relieve themself where they sleep. This is one reason crate training at night is so beneficial. You want to provide him or her with a kennel that is large enough for them to stand up and turn around comfortably while inside. Also remember that your puppy will likely grow, so you might want to get a larger kennel than you think you need at the time so you aren’t forced to purchase a second one in a few months. You also want to make sure that the kennel is comfortable and cozy, so add a pillow, dog bed, or blanket inside, plus some of your pup’s favorite toys inside. This kennel is a safe, positive place for resting, not a punishment.

#3 Reward positive behavior. Be sure to praise or reward your dog each time they go outside to reinforce the behavior. Dogs love it when they do something right, because they want to make you happy! By reinforcing over and over that going potty outside makes them happy, they’ll get the habit down in no time. 

If your little guy or gal has already made a few accidents on the carpet, don’t fret! Green Steam Carpet Cleaners can remove the stain completely, which means even the deep-down nasty stuff that is making your carpet fibers smell. Certified technicians are trained in detecting the sources and location of noxious smells, and are proficient in the application of chemical solutions. Let one of our certified technicians remove the stain or odor for you! We offer packages as low as $15.00/affected area. Book a carpet cleaning appointment by calling us at 206-819-2722.

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