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Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

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Your cat is like one of the family. Yet, unlike the rest of the family, he or she sometimes has an accident on the floor. As much as you love your pet, you certainly don’t love the smell they leave behind.

Cleaning up the liquid itself with a paper towel will not do very much to combat both urine stains and urine smells. First, let’s understand why pet urine is so hard to remove. Then, we’ll go into how professional carpet cleaning can help.

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Why Does Pet Urine Stick Around For So Long?

Pet Urine Removal

When urine is first deposited onto carpet fibers, it has a pH of about 5 or 6. This is on the acid side of the pH scale. It is easier to remove right then when it is fresh. Once it dries, however, it turns “alkaline” or to a high pH between 10 to 12 on the scale. At this point, it becomes more difficult to remove. At the same time, it is seeping deeper and deeper into the carpet pad.

Removing urine odors from carpets becomes more difficult the longer it stays. The warm acid state of the urine offers a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which begin to flourish almost immediately. The urine begins to oxidize and react with the carpet to create a nasty, lingering smell. This will become permanent if the urine is not removed immediately.

Why Pet Urine Smells

You know you need to remove odors from carpets, but do you know why the odors are there in the first place? There are two sources of odors associated with urine. Bacteria grow abundantly in dark warm places with a never-ending food source (the urine). This bacteria growth and breakdown of the urine creates amino acids. The waste materials and gasses from the decomposing urine create an unpleasant odor. 

As well, there is often a chemical odor that is present even when the bacteria have been killed. This is why more than sanitizing is necessary to get the smells out of carpet. Urine also presents additional odor problems when the relative humidity is high. 

Can Professional Carpet Cleaners Remove Cat Urine Smell?

Can Professional Carpet Cleaners Remove Cat Urine Smell

Will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors? In a word- yes! That being said, it needs to be done correctly and quickly. Not all carpet cleaners can do what we can do! You want both stain removal and odor removal.

The quicker we are able to tackle your pet urine removal needs, the better our ability to remove pet odors will be. Our certified technicians are trained in detecting the sources and location of noxious smells. They are proficient in the application of chemical solutions and steam cleaning. We can even get your upholstery clean if your pet had an accident on the couch instead! After assessing the affected area, the technician will provide you with several options:

  • Clean carpet
  • Remove the damaged pad
  • Water claw the back and or front of carpet
  • Clean the back of the carpet
  • Treat the floor with an enzyme treatment
  • Seal floor if needed with an odor barrier
  • Treat the back of carpet with enzyme treatment
  • Install new tack strips
  • Install new pad
  • Re-install carpet
  • Topically apply enzyme

Carpet cleaning for urine odors is tough, but it’s nothing we cannot handle. Our cleaning services are exactly what you’re looking for in order to love your carpets just as much as you love your cat!

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