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Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors

Having our pets at home is a blessing, but it is also a responsibility. Any new pet owner must be aware that accidents can and will occur while their pets grow or adapt to a new space.

New pets usually don’t know the house rules; in other words, they need to figure out where to make their necessities. And if you have a new furry friend at home, you might already know that furniture is the most vulnerable space for pet accidents.

Pet odors will linger on furniture, carpets, and fabrics if not cleaned and treated properly. But will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors?

This blog post will explain the importance of carpet cleaning to remove strong odors, how they affect furniture quality, and how professional carpet cleaners get the work done correctly.

pet stain removal

Pet Odors: How They Affect Your Furniture?

Have you ever noticed a strange smell coming from your couch, even after you have vacuumed and sprayed the air freshener to get rid of it?  Well, that is the smell of pet odors; and if not treated properly, it will remain on furniture for a long time.

Pet urine is composed of bacteria, ammonia, and other organic compounds, which will cause permanent damage to fabrics. 

When pet urine remains in an object for a long time, the result will be a yellowish, smelly stain that will look and cause an unpleasant smell.

Urine will also cause damage to the upholstery of furniture, weakening its strength and integrity, causing the fabric to rip or tear easily, and reducing its life span by making it difficult to repair.

removing pet urine from carpets

Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Stains?

For some people, following an online tutorial and passing a wiper might seem enough to remove the smell. However, that action will only spread the stain and will not destroy it completely.

Professional carpet cleaning can help you take care of the problem effectively and will provide a solution that will last much longer. 

The process will involve deep cleaning and special cleaning solutions, which will help remove pet stains and odors from carpets and upholstery without damaging the fabrics.  And that takes us to the next important item in this article.

How Carpet Cleaners Get Rid of Pet Stains and Odors

1. Pre-Inspection

The first step in removing pet stains and odors from carpets is to identify the source of the smell. This could be caused by urine or feces, vomit, food spills, or even pet hair trapped in the rug’s fibers.

2. Pre-Treatment

Professional carpet cleaners will use special cleaning solutions designed to break down organic matter from the carpet fibers once the source has been identified.

3. Hot Water Extraction

During this step, experts should use high-power extraction equipment to thoroughly flush out any remaining residue and bacteria that may be causing odors in the rug.

As part of this process, they may also employ special degreasing agents that help remove any oils left behind by pets and deodorize products designed specifically for pet smells.

4. Post-Treatment

Finally, professional carpet cleaners will apply a protective coating over your carpet to help prevent future staining and odors from accumulating over time.

The best part is that carpet cleaning and drying takes only a couple of days to look like new again.

pet odors removal

Keep Your Carpets Clean With Our Support

At Green Steam Carpet Cleaners, we specialize in deep cleaning to eliminate pet odors from carpets and upholstery. 

Our team is trained to identify different types of stains and will use the proper cleaning solutions to take care of them without damaging the fabric. 

For more information or to book a cleaning service, visit our website or call us directly. We will be happy to provide you with the best solution for your needs!

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