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Church Carpet Cleaning- Protect Your Investment!

Where is that unsightly area in your Church?

  • Maybe the entry way… The very first thing people see when they come in?
  • The kids and student classrooms?
  • The area around the coffee pot?
  • The fellowship hall where all the food gets spilled?
  • I’m sure there’s at least one area that you can think of that’s in desperate need of some special attention and cleaning.

Let Green Steam Eliminate the hassle of Carpet Cleaning.

Over the years the two biggest problems that Churches face and other commercial buildings with carpet cleaning are…. It takes FOREVER to dry, and the spots keep coming back. If one of these rings a bell with your space… you can rest easy because Green Steam Carpet Cleaners will ELIMINATE those two concerns.

The unique system uses 90% less water than other systems. It actually wipes the soil off the fibers, leaving the carpet dry in just minutes, not hours or days so you can get back to normal operations and business as usual very quickly. It also leaves No Sticky Residue so it stays clean MUCH LONGER than traditional cleaning methods!
As an added plus, we use 100% Green Cleaning Agents that are safe for the environment and the people that use your buildings.

Your carpets condition can effect you and your congregation’s health.

When people enter your building from the outside, they’re not just tracking in dirt. They’re also tracking in car exhaust, cigarette smoke, asphalt, chemicals, dust, germs, pollen, tar, gum, feces, soot and many others. The pollutants get lodged into your carpet making it unhealthy and look dirty and dingy. They also tear at and break down the fibers making it wear out many times faster than it should.

Our unique cleaning process will clean all of that yucky gross stuff out and you, your congregation and employees can have the cleanest healthiest carpets.

Here’s the Full Service that you can expect:

1st- We’ll pre-inspect your carpeting:
Every carpet and piece of upholstery is thoroughly inspected before cleaning to assess its condition and determine the most effective cleaning process.

2nd- We’ll pre-vacuum your carpeting:
Your carpeting is pre-vacuumed to remove the insoluble dry soil… This is an integral part of the cleaning process to ensure a super clean carpet.

3rd- We apply our specially formulated pre-spray cleaning agent.

Our pre-spray is non-toxic, biodegradable, and best of all its green so its perfectly safe.

4th- We’ll pre-spot:
Difficult spots are treated with special solutions to increase the chances for removal.

5th- We perform soil extraction:
We use our special patented absorption system that absorbs all the soil and oils from the entire carpet or upholstery fiber.
This system uses 90% less water and leaves the carpet dry within minutes!!!

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Lastly… We treat the carpet with the most advance carpet protection on the market!!!
The carpet protection will not only keep your carpets and upholstery sparkling clean longer… It has built in anti-allergens which the entire congregation will appreciate.

What can be cleaned?

  • Carpet
  • Area Rugs
  • Nursery – Rockers, Sofas, Chairs, Carpet and Area Rugs
  • Kid and student- Sofas, Chairs, Carpet and Area Rugs
  • Pew Seating or Bench Seating
  • Chair Seating
  • Restroom Upholstery and Area Rugs
  • Lobby and Entrance Upholstery, Area Rugs, and Carpet

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