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Maintenance Program

What is the Stay Beautiful Program, and how does it work?

In its simplest form the Stay Beautiful program is a business flooring and upholstery maintenance cleaning program. We created this program to help our clients get the most out of their flooring and furniture. When carpets, upholstery, wood floor and tile and grout are maintained they last longer, hold up better, and look better after each service. With our convenient reminders you will never have to miss an important cleaning because of your busy schedule.

The benefits of having a regular maintenance cleaning program are:

  • Easy way to keep your business looking beautiful
  • Your business can keep up with sanitation expectations
  • Key part of having a healthy indoor environment
  • Gives you the most life out of your carpet, flooring and upholstery
  • Gives you one less thing to worry about, we simply take care of it for you
  • Protects your investment! When you clean frequently it prevents having to replace it.
  • Keeps your family and Employees/Staff healthy.

After using one of our initial cleaning services, our premium carpet, upholstery, hard floor, tile and grout or area rug cleaning, just let us know you want to join the Stay Beautiful program and we will provide you with a customer maintenance program based on the traffic, number of employees/staff members, how soiled the carpet currently is and how frequently you would like to have your office cleaned.

How does the Stay Beautiful program work?

The Stay Beautiful program is an agreement between our company and your business. It states that we will do your cleaning 2 (plus) times a year. We provide a discount of 10% off each item included for that cleaning service when it is paid for the entire calendar year. Here is what we do:

  • At the time of your initial service we will schedule a tentative date for your next cleaning. For the next cleaning all areas will be concentrated on, not just the high traffic areas. Green Steam Carpet Cleaners will NOT leave anything out of the cleaning!
  • We will schedule each cleaning at the time of your next appointment. Each business needs are very different and require different maintenance programs (please see your recommended maintenance program).
  • As long as you stay in the program, you will never pay full price for a single cleaning again. Once in the program your price is locked in, it will never go up. You can retailer your program at any time to meet the needs of the business.

That’s it, there’s nothing more to it. No teeny tiny print, no other requirements, and no lengthy contract to sign.

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