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Organic Carpet Cleaners

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Organic Carpet Cleaners

Many of us in Washington have already realized how much better it is to go green. You already eat organic food whenever possible and try to keep your lives as chemical-free as much as possible. That is great! However, these dangerous compounds may be sneaking into your family’s surroundings in products that you aren’t monitoring. This includes your carpet cleaning agents. Chemical ingredients in common household products can contain toxins that can make you and your loved ones sick. Illnesses resulting from these toxins can be as mild as a headache or as severe as cancer.

Don’t be fooled by other professional carpet cleaners in our area! The green cleaning services provided by us at Green Steam Carpet Cleaners are becoming more and more popular as consumers become increasingly aware of the potential health risks associated with traditional cleaning products and methods. You don’t want to eat harmful chemicals, so why would you want to breathe them in instead? Our green cleaning services are important for families who want to create the safest indoor environment possible for themselves, their pets, their children, and their guests.

Our green cleaning services can reduce or eliminate these health risks:

  • Immune System Weakening
  • Adult and Childhood Cancers
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Infertility
  • Child Behavior Disorders


You care about your family; that is why you stay abreast with the latest science and technology. So do we! That is how we are able to say that the service we can offer is the safest and most-effective cleaning protocols available. To bring in our professional carpet cleaning services, please contact us as (206) 819-2722 or email info@greensteamkirkland.com.

Can’t I save money by renting a rug doctor and doing it myself?

Although you can rent a rug doctor for around $40 dollars plus the additional cost of the cleaning product you will probably regret it! Here are some of the disadvantages.

They damage your carpet.
Rug Doctors and other portable machines like them do not have the vacuum power to suck the water and dirt out of the carpet. The moisture they leave behind cause’s damage to the carpet backing and sub flooring. Many times we’ve seen carpet that was only a few years old completely separated from the backing because it had been cleaned several times with upright portable carpet cleaners. Our truck-mount machines have 10 to 20 times the vacuum power of the portable machines.

They don’t do a good job.
Rug Doctor Machines and other portable upright carpet cleaners do not produce sufficient pressure to get the tough dirt and stains out. A typical portable machine produces 100 to 150 psi of pressure. Our truck-mount machines blast out 1300 psi of pure cleaning power!

They do not heat the water.
Heat is the most important component. Heat weakens the physical bond between the dirt and stains to the various surfaces to which the dirt is sticking. The hotter the water the greater the cleaning power. Our machines operate at 270 degrees. The Rug Doctor is on average 118 degrees.

They are a lot of work!
On average a 700 square foot Condo/Apartment (1 bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room and Hallway) will take 4-8 hours to clean. Call us and let us do the hard work for you. We’ll get your carpet clean and dry for less money than you would expect.


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