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Are you in the real estate industry? Maybe you’re a Realtor, Real Estate Professional, Real Estate Broker, Property Manager, or even Home Builder. No matter what your exact title is, it is your job to make sure the home is absolutely perfect for its future owner. Only then will you get top dollar for your investment. If you want to know a simple way to go about doing this, look down. It’s the carpets! How do the home’s carpets look and smell? If the answer is anything other than “perfect!” you need to do something about it before any potential buyers walk through. Before you replace the carpet, see if Green Steam Carpet Cleaners can handle it. We get rid of problems that others won’t even touch, like pet treatments.

We don’t cut corners and we’ll never ignore major issues! Some other carpet cleaning companies may leave spots behind when they are finished, or actually produce spots that look worse and traffic lanes that still look dirty and matted. Have you ever had a company tell you “I’m sorry we didn’t see that spot”? That’s not acceptable! At Green Steam, you won’t have to deal with that because we offer our Premium 10-Step carpet cleaning process on every job this eliminates those issues completely.

If you’ve been in the property management, real estate or house flipping business for very long we are sure you have seen your fair share of disgusting stains and odors in homes. You call a carpet cleaning company and they apply an enzyme treatment that will “eliminate the odor,” only to realize that the pet odor is still there. Those other companies didn’t assess the pet damage to determine the severity. At Green Steam, all technicians are trained and certified to do just this. This is why we are able to say we don’t just cover it up- we remove it!

Our superior service extends well beyond the actual cleaning. Have you ever had to wait all day for a service company to show up, or even not show up at all? You won’t do that with us; that’s a promise. We will schedule your listings, properties, or units with priority. Green Steam uses advanced paperless systems to schedule, estimate, invoice, document issues, and create notes of every job we do for you. If there is permanent damage left by a previous tenant, you will have photo documentation from a professional carpet cleaning company to put in your file. We can also provide damage letters in addition to photos and invoicing.

Are you ready to make sure the home you recently purchased or are trying to sell has perfect carpets? Don’t waste your time with other carpet cleaners. Reach out to us today at 206-819-2722, or fill out our simple online form. We’ll even give you a free estimate!

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