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Superior Carpet Cleaning: New Brush Pro Services

You’ve no doubt heard from your friends and neighbors that we offer some of the best carpet cleaning services in the Monroe, WA area. This is true! However, we are never satisfied with being just good enough and instead continually work to offer even better services. That is why we are pleased to announce we can now use our new Brush Pro services on your home! You will not find another company in our community that offers this tool.

The new Brush Pro is a power scrubber, getting a seriously deep-down clean. Of course, your carpets do not need to be excessively soiled, with color loss or matting present, for your carpets to benefit from this amazing new tool. Yet, if they are, this Brush Pro will provide amazing results! This machine will remove and diminish heavy traffic patterns, set in stains, and matting, plus it will brighten your carpet fibers, lifting them and bringing life back into your carpet.

Are you thinking of replacing your carpeting? Wait! This could be the answer to the costly expense of buying and installing new carpets. It is also a great alternative to a portable clean if you are in an apartment home above the third floor or that requires elevator access. This machine will offer you the benefits of hot water extraction where it was previously not permitted or accessible.

The Brush Pro is our newest addition that sets us apart from the rest. There is no comparison or competition! Brush Pro is great for residential home cleaning. The brush pro is offered in all our Premium Plus Packages. Contact us by calling (206) 819-2722 or filling our contact form and say you would like to hear more about our new Brush Pro offering. We’ll be at your home soon, and your carpets will be much cleaner!

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